Anonymous asked: hi, hi, hi, so, can u tell us the meaning of the members name ? chobi, chisa,syo-go(how it's spell,in taste of life), and satoshi..??

So I’m not an expert, but in Japanese you tell names meaning by the kanjis. Those are carefully chosen by parents because they want something special and specific for their kids. Sadly, in this case we don’t know their real names, so we can’t tell the real, like… the deep meaning, it has and the only who writes his name using kanji (like officially) is Shogo:

将吾—> First kanji means commander, leader, and the second means “I” so it’s like a person with leadership?

Anonymous asked: Hey do you mind giving the link to chisa's old blog ? :)

I don’t want to sound rude but… how about using google? :) 

Anonymous asked: hello guys !I don't understand what's an in store event that all the photos come from?

An in-store is literally an event in a store. Is done for promotional purposes (POV in this case) and is like a meet and greet- they answer fans questions, they sign their stuff, they take photos with the fans and  talk to them, and sometimes even cosplay. And thats it. 

miruku-latte asked: Hiiii admin! *v* I just wanna ask where you got chisa's pictures without make-up and if he was still in nexx when he took those pics. Thanks!!

From his old blog and- yes, he was in NEXX c: