Chisa - 水)リリース「Point of view」

水)リリース「Point of view」

Anonymous asked: Chisa, if a non-obsessed fan wanted to talked to you by email, would you email them? I was just wondering.

ok, first of all I’M NOT CHISA. I’m a xx OLD GIRL WITH INTERT ACCESS, I WANT TO MAKE THAT CLEAR HAHAHA Chisa does NOT HAVE other social media than ameba and twitter, and that was said by his own mouth, ok? ok. 

In the other hand….. he doesn’t answer fanmail. Not officially, at least.

Anonymous asked: Isn't the guitar that Shogo is using in POV pv the guitar that he said he wanted but Chisa said it's unnecessarily expensive?

Is it? Hahaha I don’t know, didn’t pay much attention to it! guess I’ll have to watch the PV again


DIV’s in-store event at Tower Records Shibuya store on Aug. 27th, 2014.


For those who can’t wait.~


【Vif】DIV comment video


Satoshi of DIV at little HEARTS. Shinjuku store on Aug. 24th, 2014.


【Photo of the Day】Chobi of DIV